Business ideas in Software development

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Faciliting the processes of technological adhesion of companies, evolving with them at the pace of the markets.

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Software development for the futureWe are experts in creating high performance products


Web and Mobile Application

We are drivers of business growth and as leaders in web and mobile development we create applications that transform and provide added value to organizations.

Technology Consulting

We provide personalized advice and guidance services in the integration of business technology tools.

Database Services

We provide strategic and tactical resources for organizations that require a complement of support services.

We integrate ourselves into the fulfillment of the business vision of organizations facilitating its growth and promoting technological transformation processes with specialized IT talent.

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The 99% of our dreamcoders states that we are one of the greatest place to work

What sets DreamCode apart are two fundamental differences. First, they are radically transparent, giving us the certein that we take the best option. Also, they have incredible business acumen, allowing them to understand our technical needs, And even more important, the core business drivers behind our decisions and goals.

Julián Alvarez

CEO at LogixBoard

As an outstanding partner to GNS is everything related to cloud software development. Additionally, they give us the support we need with good response times and SLAs.

Diego Prada

Co-founder and CTO. Global Networks Solutions

With DreamCode we have consolidated a dynamic of work and successful technological creation. Their ability to understand our business objectives, contribute from the ideation and guide the execution with their technical experience have been differential to achieve our digital projects materialize.

Iván Mauricio Pérez

Digital Portfolio Manager - Seguros Bolívar

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