5 digital security practices to develop highly reliable software

5 digital security practices to develop highly reliable software

The digital security of applications starts right when the development project begins, not when it has been finalized and is about to be launched. Bearing in mind that cybersecurity is not a hype within the technology industry and therefore should be a cross-cutting responsibility for users, creators and companies, we have created a list of the 5 most effective practices to create highly reliable software from day one.

Best business practices for secure development

1. Consider the security of each development as a non-functional requirement.

This translates into estimating security needs in the early stages of web and mobile application development so that they are included in the sprints from the very beginning and not taken as a final step prior to the end of the development or delivery cycle.

2. The security team must be included in the agile development process.

Within agile development platforms it is possible to mark development milestones as high-risk priorities so that security managers can address these segments of the software prior to partial delivery.

3. Test security throughout the sprint

Automation is a great ally of application development and is also a great ally of software security. In this sense, it is also possible to include automated scripts and regression tests to test vulnerabilities and thus form a cycle that meets the conditions of zero risk.

4. Choose the most appropriate agile approach to security.

This will ensure that, just as at the end of each cycle the applications are better, they are also more secure and reliable. This requires commitment and discipline because it is not yet a standardized practice at all levels in the technology development industry.

5. Don't wait until digital security becomes mandatory.

Secure development is a practice that must be taken seriously and for this there are tools such as roadmaps to do it in the best way. In other words, the means to create more secure applications already exist, now they need to be implemented.

If your company needs a digital solution to improve its competitiveness, keep in mind that a vulnerability can undo in an instant what was achieved in months of work. That is why our agile development approach is also secure and this is the guarantee that the solution we create for you will not only be profitable, but also reliable. Get to know our services here and let our expert team grow your business with security.