Application development trends that we will see in 2023

Application development trends that we will see in 2023

As an integral part of our life, mobile, web or desktop applications are always ready to evolve according to what we as users need or want. On the other hand, daily we see how more and more companies are going digital and working on their applications to make them more accessible and effective.

This implies keeping us informed about the most relevant technological trends in order to have a direction towards which to direct the efforts that will give us growth in our markets. In this article, you will discover the trends that will shape the coming year in terms of application development.

In this way you will have information at hand that will allow you to evaluate the next strategic movements in the face of your digital competitors.

2023: Top 10 App Development Trends

1. UI/UX at its best

Clear interfaces and minimalist designs are most appreciated by application users. This is because nowadays we use our devices for much more complex tasks than making calls, checking emails, scheduling appointments or using the calculator. In addition, the rise of foldable mobile devices and the advent of 5G technology will give a new dimension to the interaction between users and applications. For this reason, a correct and well-cared UI/UX approach can give your application the necessary sufficiency to improve the experience of its users.

2. The growth of voice search

Voice commands have conquered users causing the market to grow abruptly and it is expected that by 2026 it will reach an estimated value of 27.16 billion US dollars. It is clear that this technology will be a trend that will bring many novelties by 2023.

3. The demand for cross-platform applications

The high costs and the limited purpose of applications limited to a platform are forcing companies to seek better alternatives for the digitization of their products and services globally and not unilaterally. Thanks to the multiplatform application approach, costs can be reduced and profitability increased by covering a greater spectrum of users within your market thanks to the same source code for all platforms.

4. The rise of extended reality

Technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality await a better environment to be deployed more efficiently and thanks to the implementation of 5G technology this will be possible.

5. The arrival of 5G networks

5G networks will transform our interconnectivity and will be the tipping point under which various technologies, such as extended reality, will flourish just as they have been imagined. Thanks to its accelerated data delivery and wide coverage, the large-scale implementation of this new technological standard is expected to transform our reality.

6. SuperApps are gaining ground

The super applications are nothing more than a conglomerate of smaller and more specific services or applications according to their functionality. These robust applications will raise the centralization of activities such as messaging, online shopping, banking, transportation and food service, among many others. This with the purpose of accelerating and facilitating the acquisition of goods and services in an increasingly fast world.

7. Gamification based learning

Recent and future generations tend to get bored easily and this is the foundation that enabled the development of entertainment based learning applications. So, if your plan is to develop an educational app, gamification will undoubtedly be a requirement to cover in the development plan.

8. The rise of on-demand apps

The home services market currently has more than 22 million users and continues to grow. This means that personalization and immediate and individual satisfaction will dominate application development with the aim of giving users what they want when they want it and companies will have to find better ways to achieve this purpose in a timely manner.

9. Blockchain gains ground

The growing application market in the context of digital finance has proven to be quite fertile ground for blockchain thanks to its ability to ensure security and transparency. This has led companies like HTC and Samsung to develop devices compatible with this technology.

10. Mobile app development first

Internet traffic is dominated by access from mobile devices, this does not mean that your company should transform its digital assets to the mobile ecosystem, but what would be productive is to start considering the characteristics of your customers and prospects to propose a mobile development approach if you are looking to have a real advantage over your competition.

Finally, if your company seeks to capitalize on the trends of the new year, it is important to have a complete internal review of the organization that allows visibility of the areas in which the development of applications can bring competitive advantages.

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