Five responsive web design approaches that enhance business branding

Five responsive web design approaches that enhance business branding

On a worldwide level, the number of mobile devices accessing the Internet is growing at an unmeasurable rate. Therefore, creating websites that fully meet the needs and capabilities of the devices from which they will be accessed is a standard that all programmers oriented to mobile development cannot fail to meet.

In this context, this article will cover five current techniques of responsive web design to achieve high level of adaptability and visual quality developments.

What is Responsive Design?

When it is said that a website has responsive design or responsive, basically it is saying that its visual structure is correctly adapted to the resolution of the screen on which it is being displayed. In this way it manages to deliver to its visitors an optimized and improved UI/UX experience, which positively impacts on increasing traffic to the site, decreases bounce rates and improves its positioning among other benefits.

The responsive design techniques that best respond to brand positioning

1. Remove obstacles to the visitor

Make sure there is no friction between the user's navigation and their goal, if they want to buy help them achieve it in a few steps.

2. Lean on native hardware

Take advantage of the resources that mobile devices can provide you with, these are integrated cameras, GPS, two-step authentication, etc.

3. Program with fluidity and adaptability as main objectives

For example, you can rely on the use of SVG images that do not lose quality if they are enlarged or reduced.

4. Design for the thumb

For desktop websites the navigation is usually at the top, on mobile it should be at the bottom.

5. Consider typography as the ultimate detail.

make font sizes adapt directly proportional to the resolution of the screen where the website is projected.

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