Lean Programming, a convenient software development practice inherited from the business world.

Lean Programming, a convenient software development practice inherited from the business world.

In the field of software development, Lean Programming is the greatest expression of the concept of optimization, its goal is to produce computer applications of the best quality in the iterations of each of its projects. Even so, this methodology is often confused with Agile Development, which is why it remains hidden from much of the developer community, a timely reason to break it down in this article.

Origin of the Lean concept

The IT industry is one of the most evolutionary, if not the most evolutionary, in the business world thanks to its perpetual quest for perfection in both its processes and its products. This is due to the enormous and reiterative effort of multidisciplinary teams of engineers and scientists who, supported by concepts from other fields, have managed to innovate and discover best practices to produce ever more impeccable technologies.

This is how the Lean Manufacturing concept, developed by Toyota to position itself as the most reliable and efficient automotive brand in the world, managed to fit perfectly in the IT industry, giving rise to what we know as Lean Programming.

What does Lean Programming mean in software development?

In broad terms, Lean Programming refers to eliminating the unnecessary to produce high quality software. This principle is shared by the popular Agile Development methodology and is often confused. Despite this, there are those who consider that the Lean Programming methodology is much more precise and productive thanks to the convergence promoted by its precepts, which are:

Waste elimination Any aspect that does not generate or add value to customers will be considered redundant and will have to be immediately removed from the workflow Quality construction The ultimate expression of quality in IT development is the satisfaction of customer needs.

Generate and promote knowledge Since technologies are not inert, developers need to constantly educate themselves to make decisions based on facts and not on assumptions.

Dilate commitment Before taking an action or making a decision, the needs and requirements of customers must be internalized and deeply understood.

Work respectfully as a team Premature deadlines or heavy workloads often lead to neglect of relationships between team members, which limits productivity.

Optimize everything To deliver maximum value, it is necessary to generate accurate and precise lines of code in a timely manner.

Quick delivery Excessive planning, unresolved issues and over-engineered developments should be avoided at all costs.

In summary, Lean Programming is an optimal work culture capable of producing high performance software so this type of business methodologies should be considered when choosing a team to develop technology projects at a higher level.

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