Progressive web applications, Why so popular?

Progressive web applications, Why so popular?

Nowadays, applications and cell phones have combined in our lives to such an extent that practically everything is possible with their help. That explains why today we have apps for everything: health, education, shopping, sales, rentals, financial services, banking, government and emergencies among the most prominent.

But how is it possible for businesses of all sizes to create and maintain an app of their own? The short answer is: because of the existence of progressive web apps.

So what are AWPs or, in English, PWAs?

Progressive web apps (PWA) or progressive web applications (AWP) are software solutions that integrate the visual and functional structure of traditional (native) applications, but their infrastructure and operability are supported by current web technology. These applications are created from web languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript and their capabilities are incorporated or powered by state-of-the-art APIs to make them available and reliable on any device regardless of its platform (iOS, Android, etc).

In addition, these applications also leverage other important web ecosystem resources such as plugins, addons and community support to deploy and maintain their performance. This makes developing and and deploying a PWA relatively simple and fast, unlike native apps.

Other advantages of PWAs

  • They do not require third-party services such as Appstore or Google Play, only an Internet connection and a browser (Chrome, Opera or Safari among others).
  • They do not require extra space on the device. Installing them is basically creating a direct access to the web on our smartphones.
  • The user can continue to access all the content of the PWA even if he/she has lost the network connection.

What features make a PWA good:

  • Responsive design: A PWA should be usable on any device and on any screen size.
  • Portability: Although it is essentially a web application, a PWA should behave like a traditional application.
  • Accessibility: The user must be able to stay connected to the content even if he loses his connection in order to satisfy his direct need.
  • Multi-platform: PWAs are first and foremost democratic and hence their popularity, so they must be available on all possible browsers and platforms.

Thanks to all of the above, prominent companies such as Uber, Spotify, TikTok, Pinterest and Twitter currently offer their services through progressive web applications (PWA) and this popularity is enjoyed and appreciated by both companies and users. So, if you are thinking of offering your business service through an app, it is time for you to meet our team of developers so that together we can build a solution that will raise the level of service of your company and increase its profitability. Visit us now