Seguros Bolívar and DreamCode Software transforming the future together

Seguros Bolívar and DreamCode Software transforming the future together

Thousands of companies around the world had to quickly adapt to the demands of the post-covid 19 business ecosystem, migrating their technologies to the cloud, strengthening their systems and generating approaches that required quick action to respond to the crisis. That was the case of Seguros Bolívar, one of the largest insurance companies in Colombia and one of DreamCode's current clients.

It has been an extensive journey full of valuable lessons. Today we want to share with you the highlights we discovered while working together, in order for you to rely on them for the challenges ahead for your company or independent projects. Join us as we look at the process we have been building with Seguros Bolívar as we move forward with technology projects in different areas of their operations.

Innovation in the middle of uncertainty

It has been two years since the Covid-19 pandemic reached Colombia. At that time, few companies were really prepared for the operational agility that this would represent. However, that wasn't the case for Seguros Bolívar, because, once they contacted DreamCode in early 2020, the migration of their technologies to state-of-the-art environments and some of their most ambitious customer-facing projects were put on the table.

This foresight was key to implement what had been previously discussed between both companies, initially we started with projects such as: the migration to the cloud of internal administrative systems, all thanks to our experience with this type of processes. This was the way in which the company was able to face the pandemic with solid foundations and obtain a high capacity to respond to changes.

The discussion and plans around innovation in this case were fundamental for Seguros Bolívar not to go through an unfavorable situation in the midst of such a vulnerable market as it was in the year 2020. This, added to the fact that the local government began to require companies to comply with the electronic invoicing requirement around that time, taking the company's vision a bit further, today we can see the benefits of broadening the scope of its technology.

Key services that are empowering the company

Seguros Bolívar came to us with several significant challenges and several business dreams that will bring value to its customers and employees. The primary goal was to rebuild a 25 year old legacy core system (based on Oracle PLSQL and forms) using state-of-the-art technology such as cloud-native architectures, service and API-based integrations and data analytics to enable the digital transformation of the insurance company. Thus, through a detailed monitoring of the objectives and unique needs of each of the projects, we define together the methodology, structure and workflows to achieve success in each of the goals, assigning a group of experts related to each of them. Specifically, we have collaborated on four projects:, Jelpit Conjuntos, the mobile application Bolívar Conmigo along with electronic invoicing and the reconstruction of the insurance core. Next, we will focus on what we learned working on the first three:

Real estate platform

One of Seguros Bolívar's main initiatives was to support the development of a web platform for users who wanted to search, rent or sell real estate. This project required special consideration, as the construction industry was not exactly going through its finest moment. After analyzing different approaches and methodologies, DreamCode took on the challenge of supporting the development of the web platform with key functionalities such as property search for buyers, sellers and renters, as well as supporting the addition of an important player to the platform: Constructora Bolívar (an allied company of Seguros Bolívar).

Our development team employed the latest methodologies and best practices of agile software development, and along with the constant guidance of Seguros Bolívar and its allies, managed to have in full operation and in record time the platform ( that today has thousands of users in Colombia and from where the public can access the whole portfolio of the new projects from the construction company to compare their features and discover their advantages, as well as the properties, apartments or offices that users publish.

Jelpit Conjuntos web and mobile platform

As an integrated part of the Jelpit platform, Jelpit Conjuntos is a web solution offered in SasS (Software as a Service) modality that allows the administration offices of residential complexes to automate all their management processes. It is a unique solution in the market that has integrated modules such as: creation and management of accounts receivable and portfolio, administration of common areas, video conferencing facilities for meetings, resident portal, registration and monitoring of PQRs and administration of lease insurance.

DreamCode's experienced human talent in web development and software architecture made this dream possible. It was through this application with best practices in the development of E-commerce environments and based on methodologies such as Agile Testing that we reached the product desired by the client and its end users, an app that today has many users.

The site has stood out and continues to be relevant due to its high quality development, the acceptance by the public, the easy yet powerful interface and finally its constant evolution from the feedback provided by: users, Seguros Bolívar, our automated tests and a development team in constant communication.

Bolívar Conmigo

With the purpose of strengthening the relationship with their customers, Seguros Bolívar came up with the idea of merging many of their services in a mobile application for everyone, one "Super App" aimed to clients and also non clients, an application for anyone who wants to have a friendly solution for daily use. One of the main goals of Bolívar Conmigo is the health of people and the optimization of their daily habits, interacting with the health meters provided by smartwatches and some mobile device applications that most of us use on a daily basis. Thus, allowing us to keep in good shape through the counting of steps and overcoming healthy goals or challenges. Another two important modules of the Super App is the agile management of certain company products such as insurance related to mobility ( SOAT, all-risk insurance) and home.

From DreamCode we have supported the app development in reference to its design and production, using the most advanced technologies for the app development and by working with interdisciplinary teams, combining developers and quality engineers, which worked hand in hand with different teams of Seguro Bolívar, thus achieving the integration of the different IT and technological systems necessary to achieve the dream of business.

We can conclude

Among all the projects that came about as a result of the investment in innovation, Seguros Bolívar can now say that it has obtained results that seemed very optimistic at the time, but in the end they became a reality thanks to a development process characterized by follow-up, constant feedback, agility in development, and highly reactive and productive teams.

Today, DreamCode continues to provide the most innovative solutions in the sector in various Seguros Bolívar projects and, through its constant support and tangible results, the alliance between both companies continues to grow and aims towards new business ideas that will continue providing value and improving the users collaborators and associates lives.

About Seguros Bolívar

Seguros Bolívar is a Colombian financial and insurance company founded in 1939. It offers insurance, retirement, health, construction and real estate services. It is headquartered in Bogota. Since its foundation, Seguros Bolívar has been characterized by spreading a philosophy based on the value and recognition of the human being, in order to contribute to the economic, social and environmental growth and development of society. To learn more about the company, go here.

About DreamCode

We are a colombian software development company founded in 2013, we transform the business dreams of any company into reality, we shape the future from the provision of technology services under a nearshore model such as: cloud native application development, front-end and back-end web development, fullstack development, application development, software architecture, microservices design, API based design and more, we are experts in using agile methodologies at the edge of the category in software development and from which many customers around the world have benefited.

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