Why the world's most valuable companies use Java

Why the world's most valuable companies use Java

The fourth industrial revolution and the acceleration in digital transformation over the past year has left companies wondering which programming language is best for their processes. Amidst so many competitors and new propositions low-code/no-code, choosing a robust and capable programming language that stands out above the rest can seem overwhelming. The good news is that, in the midst of this highly competitive ecosystem, there is a protagonist that year after year has been able to transform and polish itself to maintain its status as a leader in the business sector. We are talking about Java, the programming language created in 1995 by Sun Microsystems and subsequently acquired by Oracle in 2008 for $7.4 billion.

In addition to being a cross-platform language, it was one of the pillars of the expansion of Object-Oriented Programming in the 1990s. Much has changed since then and its constant evolution has led it today to rely on the use of frameworks. According to data published by Oracle, Java supports the operation of 97% of corporate computers and is present in 3,000 million cell phones around the world. It is also the favorite language of developers, being chosen by more than 9 million of them.

Here we will explain why Java is still the first choice of small, medium and large businesses in all types of markets and give you the reasons why you should consider using it in your corporate projects.

Reason #1: Cross-Platform Flexibility

Think of every system and device you know, in more than 90% of them there is an implementation of the Java virtual machine. This potential is gigantic as no other language boasts the status of being present on almost any platform. The fact that Java can run on any server and operating system is one of the reasons why any type of business should consider using it for their projects.

Regardless of the type of company and the devices it has, Java can always be an option that fits any technology budget. It is not necessary to reinvest in specific equipment because for more than 20 years Java has been expanding and polishing its operation in each of the environments where it operates, whether desktop or mobile. Added to this, Java has a peculiarity in relation to all the new versions that have been built over the years and that is that it maintains compatibility one by one, resulting in the code written in previous versions continue to work in the most recent ones. For this reason, user friction and the need to refactor sections of code arise slowly and give plenty of scope for learning and debugging as necessary. This last point makes traditional and more change-resistant organizations such as banks, government companies and others choose Java with the long term in mind.

Of course, this advantage has been relevant for a few years now, because when Java was born it had to adapt to new environments and systems. However, its trajectory and preference continue to grow because it has been able to carry out this adaptation in a professional and careful way, based on the feedback of its users. Users that do not stop growing because they themselves feel that they are part of the growth and debugging of the programming language that they use daily and to which they contribute all their experience and evaluation.

Reason #2: Versatility

With such a varied landscape, there are an infinite number of Java applications in programming that strengthen its position as the programming language of choice for companies. Its use is so broad that it can be seen in interfaces, games, applications and complete suites. This development platform allows the creation of desktop Java applications and professional environments using Swing or, in more recent versions, JavaFX.

From technology startups, to specialized office software suites, to space research companies, every possible business that uses a digital device is relying on Java for its operations. Here are some examples of large companies around the world that today are leaning towards Java in their different corporate processes so that you can find a first point of contact with the programming language if your business is similar to any of them: • Twitter, Uber and Netflix use Java in their digital interface and structure. • Minecraft, the popular Microsoft game is developed in Java. • NASA uses Java in its maintenance and observation software. • Murex, a trading application, is built in Java. • ThinkFree, an office suite, operates using Java. • Android Studio, the official, free version for Android app development, runs on Java. • Tech giants such as Spotify, Ebay, LinkedIn and Google prefer this programming language.

As mentioned before, Java has been tested, tweaked and improved year after year, receiving feedback from every single programmer in thousands of industries that use it. Java continues to be the preferred language of programmers because it allows them to: • Write code on one platform and run it virtually on another platform. • Create executable programs in a browser and complement them with available Web services. • Develop server-side applications for forums, warehouses, surveys, HTML form processing and more • Combine environments using the Java language to develop fully customized applications or services • Write custom applications for cell phones, remote processors, consumer products, and virtually any other digital device.

Java's unique versatility lies in the combination of years of debugging, growth in the number of users and types of use and supported devices, ease of use for businesses, developers and end users, and a unique agility in the face of change that is also supported by an enviable experience as one of the first programming languages and development platforms in history.

Reason #3: Community

Of all the software development communities, the Java community is the oldest and has the most active members in the world. Java includes a huge number of base functionalities, ready to be used from minute one and, in addition, it is available to companies and independent developers, a large amount of third-party code ready to be used. Being an Open-Source platform and having millions of programmers around the world, who over the years have been experiencing difficulties and solving problems in different devices, uses and markets, the Java community is bulletproof.

No matter how good a programming language is, it would be impossible to survive in such a diverse ecosystem without an active community to help share knowledge and the path to solving common problems on an ongoing basis. For the Java learner, whether part of your company or yourself, the value of this resource is unmatched: from the expert programmer in your IT area, to the recent graduate looking to join your company, for all types of companies and developers, the Java community has a proven, agile and timely solution for all of them.

There are communities created to help all types of students and professionals. If this is your case, we invite you to make the most of the help of others who, like you, are looking to specialize in the programming language preferred by companies. Also, if you have a business and professionals who use or plan to use Java in their environment, consider taking advantage of these communities to propose a professional training program in your payroll at zero cost.

In conclusion

There are countless reasons why your business should consider using Java for your business processes. However, the ones mentioned above are the ones that, for us, present the greatest value for all types of economic sectors. We are talking about the most popular, most preferred and longest-established development platform in the market. Therefore, it is no coincidence that thousands of companies around the world continue to prefer and seek its use.

At DreamCode we have proven and optimized the use of Java to transform businesses in every corner of North, Central and South America and help them achieve their goals. We are experts in this development platform and have evolved with it, applying all the value of each of its versions in our clients' projects and offering them all the capabilities that such a versatile, proven and reliable platform has to offer.

If you have a business project, interface, application or idea in mind that you need to develop in Java you can contact us here, our large group of experts have successfully used this programming language in countless projects for all types of clients who, like you, are looking for the trajectory, security and results that Java can provide.