App development and business, What's ahead for the new year?

App development and business, What's ahead for the new year?

Digital transformation remains the dominant context for doing business in 2024, and the key to successfully developing commercial and industrial technology in 2024 will continue to depend on how quickly we can adopt the new advances and their rules to our business roadmaps.

What to expect in 2024?

Last 2023, Reshma Saujani, the founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, an Indian benchmark in the technology sector, left us with a sentence that is perhaps the basis for what we are yet to see: "Programming is an essential skill in the 21st century, like reading and writing.

That said, it is clear that programming has managed to transcend the barriers of computing to take on a relevant role, and a dominant one if the term fits, in today's world.

On the other hand, it is debatable whether the ability to understand and write code is at the level of reading and writing a language, but the answer lies in the personal opinion of each reader. What is noteworthy, for this new year, is that programming and technology development will take another leap up the evolutionary ladder into fertile ground where once again companies will be able to develop initiatives to deepen their roots in their sectors or extend their business branches into new opportunities.

What should we watch out for in this new landscape?

As we mentioned earlier, digital transformation will continue to be a central pillar on which companies will seek to maximize the digitization of their processes through emerging technologies and the improvement of their customers' experience by creating more efficient and immersive applications. So, 2024 will be a scenario in which we will see the deployment of new technologies, while others will continue to grow as a trend for the fulfillment of the above. This will be the highlights:

AI and ML-based applications.

The deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools to develop applications will continue to become more popular in the enterprise environment, as advantages such as personalization, automation and decision making will be better exploited, making them more common on the mobile devices of their audiences.

Cloud application development:

Cloud services have demonstrated a high degree of robustness and trust for businesses that have relied on them and this is why they will be a dominant trend this year. Businesses deploying this type of architecture will be able to improve scalability, flexibility and efficiency in both the development and deployment of their applications.

Agile Development Methodologies and DevOps:

The adoption of agile methodologies and DevOps practices will continue to be crucial to accelerate development cycles, improve cross-team collaboration, and ensure the continuous delivery of high-quality applications.

Focus on UX

The user is the raison d'être of an application, and user interaction is a crucial factor in achieving user acceptance and preference. As a rule, applications must offer intuitive, fast and personalized interfaces if they are to stand out in a highly competitive and growing market. To achieve this, companies will be able to rely on data collection and analysis tools.

Sustainable and ethical development:

The global environmental agenda will impose the necessary parameters for companies to create applications that minimize their environmental impact and resolve ethical issues related to user privacy.

What will be the most profitable app segments?

In the application development industry, there are sectors or segments that, due to their relevance or impact on human life, become markets capable of generating large profit margins for companies that meet their needs through customized developments.

According to the above, these will be the most profitable areas to develop applications in 2024:

Online health: Apps dedicated to health, care and wellness will experience a significant increase in their offerings due to the growing demand for healthcare services through digital means.

Virtual education: Online learning and educational apps will become even more profitable due to the growing social acceptance of distance learning models.

eCommerce and FinTech: E-commerce and financial technology platforms will grow strongly as the digitization of transactions and mobile financial services are a demand of the modern user.

To close, developing applications is a task that will always be determined by the continuous technological evolution, and in that sense the search for innovative business solutions must be a priority if we seek to meet the growing demands of the market and stand out in it.

To achieve this, we believe in a close and balanced relationship of collaboration between professional teams, the adoption of emerging technologies and an ethical and productive approach to the design and development of applications. Since, according to our forecast, these will be key aspects to achieve success in 2024.

Therefore, we want you to see in us a strategic ally for your company, since we have the professional team and the necessary experience to provide the most profitable solutions to the commercial challenges that the new year will propose. We are waiting for you at: Ours Services