App development and design trends that will prevail in 2024

App development and design trends that will prevail in 2024

Due to the important role that applications play in all areas of our lives and especially in business, in 2023 we have seen how several transformative trends have been established to influence the technological present, giving an adequate response to the changing needs of users thanks to the advances of innovation dynamics.

In this exploration, to forecast 2024 is to expect that these trends will promote a series of technological micro-revolutions in multiple areas, all with the potential to reshape both the development of applications and our interaction with these tools.

In this article, we will outline the most relevant developments that we expect to shape the technological landscape of the coming year.

1. Low-Code/No-Code Platforms

According to data from the consulting firm Garner, it is expected that by 2024 more than 65% of the applications developed will be created under these platforms, which are digital tools that allow users with diverse technical skills and minimal or no code writing to generate highly attractive and functional applications.

Due to these characteristics, these platforms are expected to become increasingly popular in the SME environment and within the entrepreneurial communities, thanks to their low operating cost and their ability to accelerate the development of pro-business applications.

2. Holographic interfaces

A holographic interface is a virtual interaction system that allows users to interact with elements and data in three-dimensional environments which are generated by holographic technologies.

These holograms are digital representations of objects or information in real spaces which will allow application designers a much more immersive visual and tactile experience for their users.

3. UX customizable

Customizable user experiences (UX) are the set of interfaces and interaction systems that allow users to adapt and adjust various aspects of the application according to their own individual preferences.

Through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning it is possible to deeply analyze the behavior and particularities of users, which will provide developers with highly valuable information to achieve new levels of satisfaction for their users.

4. Minimalistic navigation

Minimalist navigation is a compendium of web design and user interface creation practices that seeks to simplify navigation structures and reduce the number of visible elements on the screen.

It is based on the premise that less is more to focus on the essentials, focusing on delivering clearer and more direct navigation experiences by dispensing with unnecessary elements to transform any interaction into a more pleasant and accurate experience.

In this context, it is highly possible to live in 2024 a boom period for applications navigable only through gestures or finger movements.

5. Microinteractions

Digital microinteractions are all those short-lived animations or visual and state responses which provide feedback to users after interacting with the interface of a mobile application or a website.

These small responses are very meaningful to the user and are essential to improve the user experience, giving way to a better sense of response to any action by the user within the app scheme.

6. Multiplatform development

Cross-platform development aims to create software applications that can run on multiple platforms or operating systems, without requiring significant code rewriting for any of these environments.

This allows developers to rely on tools such as Flutter or React Native to design and program single code packages which with a few adjustments can be deployed on different operating systems or platforms to save time and resources in each deployment.

7. Blockchain for security

Blockchain is a relatively new technology that, in 2023, thanks to its applications in systems verification, transparency and data protection, has managed to position itself as a fundamental pillar for security and digital integrity with a wealth of benefits for multiple industries and sectors.

8. SuperApps

All-in-one platforms are very popular in Asia but this approach is gaining traction in the West where more and more digital service providers are looking to make more useful and robust applications for their users.

At a general level, the term 'SuperApps' refers to any mobile application that offers multiple services and functionalities under a single umbrella to become a one-stop solution for the diverse needs of its users.

This means that, instead of having several apps for specific tasks, users will be able to access the service they are looking for, from messaging and payments to online shopping and delivery services, within one SuperApp read more, which contains, protects and delivers their personal information in each procedure.

In conclussive words, as 2024 approaches we see how the development of applications enters a stage of technological transformation which will undoubtedly bring us many surprises and innovative twists that had not been possible until now.

Therefore, it is important to stay informed about the trends that converge in the heart of our changing industry, in order to evaluate their strategic incorporation in the development of our businesses.

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