ChatGPT and its disruptive entry into the technology industry and business of 2023

ChatGPT and its disruptive entry into the technology industry and business of 2023

At the end of 2022, the official launch of the third iteration of ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot created by OpenAI, surprised the world with the scope of its technology in the global business spectrum. Thanks to its advanced interaction capabilities and the quality of its constructions or responses to its users' queries, ChatGPT has stood out as a novel tool for industry and business with an absolute potential yet to be discovered.

If you still don't know what ChatGPT is or who are the people responsible for its development, in this article we will break down the most relevant information around this platform, from its irruption in the technology industry to become the most important artificial intelligence milestone of the last decade.

OpenAI and its major creation, ChatGPT

Founded in 2015 by the renowned technology entrepreneur Elon Musk, OpenAI (open artificial intelligence, in Spanish) is described as a non-profit company, whose purpose is to research, develop and disseminate technologies based on artificial intelligence under the principles of being human-friendly and working for human welfare.

Under that premise, in 2020 they released ChatGPT for free with the purpose of training and improving their natural language technology while integrating it into the business world. In that way, the AI chat model found the necessary spaces to develop while providing value in executive areas such as customer service, personalized assistance and online request management, among others. In addition, its usefulness was tested in sectors such as education, scientific research and business.

ChatGPT internally

ChatGPT is currently defined as a chatbot platform based on artificial intelligence but it was not until this year, 2023, when its third iteration (ChatGPT 3) took a definitive leap in its evolution, becoming a disruptive tool for industry and business.

Its platform was created under the original GPT architecture, one of the largest and most powerful artificial neural networks of the present, which allows it to train itself through large amounts of information to generate coherent story lines in response to an input given by a user of its interface.

In its latest version released in April, ChatGPT 4 has managed to significantly improve its ability to consistently interact with users and is now able to deliver a much more natural and personalized experience.

Thanks to improvements in its advanced language model, ChatGPT is now more accurate in understanding the questions it is asked and can respond in a more objective and helpful way, delivering appropriate and tailored answers to each user.

In turn, ChatGPT 4 has integrated new features into its platform that allow it to offer personalized financial advice, search and recommendation of online products, appointment scheduling, as well as the generation of booking engines of all levels.

How to take advantage of ChatGPT4's business benefits?

At the enterprise level, one of the greatest virtues of this platform is its great ability to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency in the customer service area. This is due to its powerful question understanding algorithm and the automatic and accurate generation of customized solutions. In addition, ChatGPT can offer personalized recommendations and suggestions to each business customer, which undoubtedly improves their user experience, stimulates their satisfaction and increases sales.

The business potential of the latest generation of ChatGPT is still far from its own limit. However, it is currently taking advantage of its versatility by being implemented in both commercial and executive and managerial activities, among which we can highlight:

Virtual assistance

Through ChatGPT it is possible to create and integrate virtual assistants capable of interacting with customers in real time to answer their questions and solve their problems in the appropriate commercial tone in order to meet their requests.

Sentiment analysis

Thanks to its natural language model, ChatGPT is being implemented in the analysis of large amounts of data coming from social networks to reveal the sentiment that a brand, a product or a service produces or generates in its audience.

Management assistance

Through ChatGPT, virtual assistants are now being created with the ability to help teams coordinate tasks, track progress and meet deadlines for certain projects.

Risk analysis

ChatGPT's platform has demonstrated an incredible ability to analyze large amounts of financial Big Data, which of course has been a great tool for financial departments as they now have the ability to calculate risk levels in investments, transactions and capital movements.

Recommendation systems

Based on its architecture model, ChatGPT has made it possible to create and implement recommendation systems that suggest personalized products or services to a company's target audience or customers based on their preferences, search terms or queries and purchasing behavior.

Multilanguage translation

Thanks to its machine learning text processor, ChatGPT can be used to translate text from one language to another with high quality and accuracy.

Roughly speaking, ChatGPT has made the executive task of obtaining valuable information about customers, operations and initiatives more efficient thanks to its ability to analyze conversations or data in order to extract information or detect patterns and trends that can be used in business.

The above shows that thanks to its enormous capacity to process large amounts of data and from this generate high quality information autonomously, ChatGPT is demonstrating a great transformative power capable of changing the way companies interact with their customers, manage their activities and make decisions in various environments.

In short, ChatGPT's disruptive entry into industry and business is an important milestone that puts the great evolutionary leap of artificial intelligence in front of us. Now, although there are still great challenges and limitations that need to be solved, there is no doubt that ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can help your company.

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