How profitable is AI-assisted application development for companies?

How profitable is AI-assisted application development for companies?

Nowadays, the advances and novelties coming from the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have surprised the world. This also applies to the business and industrial sectors where we have witnessed the great transformations that this technology is promoting.

In that sense, today we will review in this article a new approach proposed by Artificial Intelligence: the creation or development of applications by means of this disruptive technology.

The current scenario

Let's start by clarifying that in the technological present, developing applications solely with artificial intelligence (AI) is a rare approach in the industry. Although AI has advanced significantly in recent years and has proven to be useful in various applications, there are still limitations in terms of the capabilities and maturity of its systems.

While artificial intelligence can be used to automate diverse tasks of all kinds, creating applications still requires a multidisciplinary approach and human intervention in many aspects.

This puts human developers first, as they are essential for understanding business requirements, designing the application architecture, making strategic decisions and solving complex problems that may arise during development.

Addressing app development with AI

In general terms, artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted application development is an approach that uses the techniques and capabilities of AI-based systems to take over the process of designing, programming and deploying applications.

In this way, AI would be in charge of activities such as automating specific tasks, improving the efficiency of processes, and finding the most effective solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of an application's creation.

Now, answering the question of how viable it is for companies to develop applications solely with AI, there are several challenges involved in the creation of an application and the following are the most appropriate ones that can be addressed by this technology.

Automatic code generation

Thanks to the use of machine learning and natural language processing techniques, AI can understand both the specifications and the requirements of the application and thus generate the source code that meets those specifications in an efficient way. This can certainly save time and effort throughout the development process

Automated testing

Automating application quality testing is a simple task for AI because AI is able to set up and generate several test cases, run them, monitor them and analyze the results more efficiently and accurately than manual testing.

In addition, AI can also learn from the results of these tests to continuously improve the quality of applications to detect potential errors and problems.

User interface design assistance

Thanks to machine learning, AI tools can be of great help in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design because it can analyze design patterns and user preferences as well as best practices to offer suggestions and recommendations for improving UI/UX design in order to create more intuitive and attractive interfaces for users.

Personalization and recommendations

In the practice and execution of an application, AI can personalize the user experience based on user preferences and behavior. In addition, it can analyze user data such as location, previous activities, and user preferences, so it can make decisions to tailor the application and its content to better satisfy its user.

In short, AI-assisted application development streamlines and improves the application development process, increases software quality, and provides more personalized and efficient experiences for users. By leveraging AI capabilities, companies can accelerate application development, reduce costs, and deliver products of higher quality and value. However, application development poses a framework of technical, functional and design issues that go beyond the current capabilities of AI.

Now, the answer to the headline

While artificial intelligence can be a powerful tool for application development, it is more viable for businesses to consider it as an aid or assistant rather than relying solely on it for end-to-end application development.

This is where the combination of human skills and AI capabilities can provide more robust, balanced and cost-effective results, as understanding business requirements, development approach and managing certain ethical and legal aspects remain essential elements in the development of successful applications that rely entirely on human resources.

Thus, AI is positioned as a high-value tool capable of improving and streamlining certain aspects of the process of creating applications, but for now there is still a long way to go before it completely replaces human intervention in application development.

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