ReactJS or React Native, which one to choose for your project?

ReactJS or React Native, which one to choose for your project?

When you start the initiative to develop an application, the evaluation of the right technology is a fundamental step to ensure the success of your project.

In that sense, ReactJS and React Native, developed by Facebook, are two of the most popular, which share the same component-based development approach, but are designed for applications in very different contexts.

Roughly speaking, ReactJS is commonly used for web applications and React Native is geared towards creating mobile applications, but this is not absolute in either case. Therefore, in this article we will delve into the differences between these two powerful languages, and how to best approach choosing one or the other according to your project.


Essentially, ReactJS is a JavaScript library that is used by development teams to build interactive and dynamic user interfaces in web applications.

Its advantages:

  • Reusability: ReactJS is based on the creation of reusable components which can be assembled and reused in different parts of the code to save time and effort in development.

  • Virtual DOM: ReactJS uses a Virtual DOM to efficiently update the user interface just by making the necessary changes where you want to make an improvement.

  • SEO Friendly: ReactJS is SEO friendly, meaning your web application will be easily indexable by search engines, which is essential for your online visibility.

  • Community and ecosystem: ReactJS has a very active collaborative community. It also has a robust library and collection of support resources, which makes development and troubleshooting easier.


  • Mobile nativity: ReactJS is not specifically designed for mobile applications, so it does not provide a native experience, although this is not restrictive.

  • Hardware control: ReactJS runs in a web browser and this limits its control over the hardware of the device where it is accessed.

React Native

In contrast, React Native is designed for native mobile app development on iOS and Android, allowing it to adapt to different environments.


  • Multiplatform development: React Native allows you to build mobile apps for iOS and Android using a single code base.

  • Native experience: Unlike packaged web apps, React Native apps offer a native user experience on mobile devices, although users cannot distinguish between one and the other.

  • Hardware access: React Native provides direct access to the device's hardware to take advantage of its proprietary features.

  • Performance: React Native apps offer performance comparable to native apps, thanks to their optimization and use of native components.


  • Learning: Although React Native uses JavaScript, learning it can be complex for developers who are not familiar with mobile concepts.

  • Dependency: Sometimes, you need to use native modules or third-party libraries to access certain features, which can add complexity to your project.

So when to choose ReactJS and when to choose React Native?

In this context, it all depends on the nature of your project. But, on a general level:

Choose ReactJS if:

  • You need to develop a web application or a web platform.

  • You want to take advantage of component reuse to achieve faster development.

  • Your goal is to create an app for multiple platforms, not just mobile.

Choose React Native if:

  • You want to create a native mobile app for iOS and Android.

  • You need to emphasize native user experience and device functionality.

  • You need shared code for multiple mobile platforms.

Final words

To close, both technologies are powerful and supported by an active community, which will facilitate your development and scalability of your app.

So, choosing between ReactJS and React Native for your project will depend on certain aspects of your development, as well as your technical skills.

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