Remote working in Software Development from necessary to ideal

Remote working in Software Development from necessary to ideal

While many industries are returning to the on-site mode, remote working in software development seems to be gaining even more strength. What had to be implemented as a matter of urgency and necessity during the pandemic has yielded such good results that now most software development vacancies are for remote jobs.

The future of remote working in technology boasts one of the most solid outlooks that any sector can have. But it is specifically remote working in software development that is appearing the most on job boards around the world. If you are studying in an IT-related field, are a professional developer or simply love to stay at home, this is your time to take advantage of the remote work climate in the tech market.

Remote work trends in Technology

Adecco and LinkedIn shared that due to the Covid-19 contingency, some days off began to be included in the job offers related to technology. By 2022, these hybrid models will be present in more than 80% of the vacancies and 50% of them would consist of full-time remote working. Nowadays it is possible to work remotely in technology and even more so if you plan to do it in software development, as both sources agreed that the positions that most increased their remote demand are all in tech. Specifically, the profiles with the highest demand in remote work are:

-DevOps Developer -Software Engineer -Full Stack Engineer -Front End Developer -Back End Developer

Likewise, when addressing this demand in detail, some specific roles come to light. Java developers, Android and IOS developers, web developers and project managers have seen a significant increase in remote working vacancies.

Achieving a remote work in Software Development

It is one of the best times to look for remote working in software development. Therefore, from DreamCode we have prepared for you some tips that can be of great help in this task.

First you must be aware of your experience, because specifically in tech this is worth as much or more than titles. Build a solid and varied portfolio with all kinds of projects you have built. Everything is valid if it is functional and finished. Don't include Amazon successors that fell by the wayside.

Once you have your portfolio, take care of your professional networks, and write your profile carefully. Focus on numbers and quantify your achievements, this way your code and applications will stand out as tangible solutions with measurable results. Remember that data is the new measure of decision making and your professional future is no exception.

Finally, if you see that a requirement starts to be repeated in the offers you are most interested in, consider expanding your knowledge in that specific area the requirement is. The advantage you have is that you can get any job with your skills and not due to an impressive diploma.

These are exciting times for remote working in technology and the opportunities are multiplying. At DreamCode we know that this model will continue to gain momentum and offerings will increasingly adapt to it.

We are a company that embraces change and is driven by technology trends. Therefore, we invite you to review our current openings for remote working in software development here.