Innovative Software Development Solutions

Specialized software development services to incorporate modern technology and innovative practices to transform your business.

Our Expertise

  • Full-Stack Development of enterprise applications using:
  • Java-based frameworks and components
  • Security by design
  • API-driven design and development
  • Microservices design and implementation
  • Agile Software Development methodology
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery approaches
  • Modern Web and Mobile front-end frameworks like Angular, React, Flutter, Swift and Kotlin
  • Software Architecture definition following best-in-class enterprise patterns

What We Do

Technology Consulting

We will partner with you to deliver innovative solutions that will revitalize your business through the implementation of modern architecture and best-in-class technology. Our services ranges from Application assessment and Software architecture definition to Agile transformation and Web frontend/backend applications design and development.

Software Development Services

Our agile software development offers a streamlined process that modernizes business operations to maximize business goals. We offer a consistent, fast-paced technique that embodies centralized configuration management, software risk mitigation, superior code quality, test automation, and cutting-edge virtualization tools.

Database Services

Our database professionals will provide the strategic and tactical resources you need to supplement your team with a complete menu of support services. We offer a range of database services including architecture design, migration, backup/recovery, monitoring and performance tuning on Oracle, MySQL and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS).

Web and Mobile Application Services

As leading web and mobile developers, our experts create superior applications that digitally transform any major platform. Our web and mobile services include Software Conceptualization, Architecture Design, UI/UX Design, Application Migration and Porting as well as optimization and support.

Simple 5-step Scrum

SCRUM provides a simple framework for effective team collaboration to productively and creatively deliver products of the highest possible value
Product Backlog Creation

A list of features is created that will be implemented during the development process. It’s ordered by priority and every item is called a User Story.

Sprint Planning & Backlog Creation

The sprint’s duration is determined. A short sprint allows us to release the working version of a product more frequently and a longer sprint allows us to work more thoroughly.

Start Sprint & Scrum Meetings

After user stories for the current phase are chosen, software development begins using a task board to track current working process.

Testing & Product Demonstration

A review is created which demonstrates the results of our work. Stakeholders take a decision about further project changes.

Retrospective & Sprint Planning

The results are discussed and we determine how to improve development process for the next sprint. The team concentrates on the next sprint planning.

Our Partners

Since 2013, DreamCode has partnered with Consensus in the complete re-architecture of its mobile services activation platform.

DreamCode began by helping Consensus to define a new flexible architecture to provision and activate services on any telecommunications service provider and soon became a development partner of their new system at the core-backend layer.

Now, Consensus Corp has a best-in-class API-based Provisioning and Activation solution for mobile services working with major service providers in North America, including AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

For more information visit Consensus Corporation

DreamCode has partnered with LogixBoard to support their innovative and data-driven solutions to optimize world trade.

Logixboard is a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service solution for customer experience, real-time tracking and big data analytics to the supply chain and logistics sector.

Since the beginning of the company, DreamCode has assisted LogixBoard in its mission to move the logistics and transportation industry into the digital age.

For more information visit LogixBoard

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With over 20 years of experience in the development of critical mission applications for telecommunications companies and public services in Latin America, DreamCode provides unparalleled software development services customized to your business’s exact needs.

Our development team consists of experts in software technologies such as Java, Spring framework, JavaScript, Angular, Oracle, MySQL, and AWS among others. After complete analysis, we provide architecture and software development services to support our clients’ exact vision.

Our robust software architecture is adaptable by any team, making it the perfect asset to support your company’s initiatives. Our technological innovation processes guarantee the efficiency and quality of work needed to bring you optimal performance.

DreamCode has two fundamental differences. One, they are radically transparent, providing us with great comfort that we are in the best possible hands. Second, they have incredible business acumen, allowing them to not only understand our technical needs, but more importantly, the core business drivers behind our decisions and goals


Our story

Founded in 2013, DreamCode is a professional software development company dedicated to modernizing business objectives with leading-edge technology.

Since its inception, DreamCode has grown from 2 employees to now more than 30, with offices in San Francisco, CA and Cali, Colombia.

DreamCode was built with the consumer in mind and has enabled business enterprises in infrastructure transformation and cloud-based software development. Over the years, DreamCode’s devotion to creating innovative solutions and strategic partnerships has supported various companies across the Americas.

Core Values


Attract and keep the best.

Commitment to our customer needs.


With more than 24 years of experience, Horacio’s knowledge and expertise in software development is unrivaled. Horacio served as the principal technical architect for one of the largest software companies in the billing system in Latin America. He participated in large projects for telecommunications and public services companies, giving him a strong background in Oracle RDBMS and making him a valuable member of the team.
Horacio Borrero
General Manager, Partner
With more than 22 years of experience in the development of mission critical applications for telecommunications companies. He has been involved in the specification, design, architecture, development and execution of several software projects for renowned companies in Latin America. He currently leads the process of architecture, design and software development.
Francisco Chaves
Development Manager, Partner
Senior Executive, with the ability to develop strategic vision and execute at detail level, engaged in business development, technology and mission critical solution selling and delivery over the past 25 years. I enjoy assembling, leading and mentoring winning teams, developing deep relationships with partners, providers and customers and leading change and transformation to achieve operational excellence.
Hernando Parrott
Executive Director, Partner
Software Engineer with more than 9 years of experience in the life cycle of software development. He has focused on the development of mission critical business application software for telecommunications service providers. Jonathan has been involved in the specification, design, architecture, development and execution of several software projects for telecommunications and cable companies in Latin America. in DreamCode, leads the development team using Scrum as a development methodology.
Jonathan Ortiz
Software Development Leader

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