The 99% of our dreamcoders states that we are one of the greatest place
to work


This year, for the first time, we participated and obtained the Great Place To Work certification, being recognized as one of the best companies to work for in Colombia. The 99% of our employees indicate that we are an excellent place to work, a figure that sets us apart from other companies in the IT category in the country, which have achieved an 86% satisfaction rate among their employees. Our DreamCoders recognize that their experience within the company is highly satisfying. They highlight a pleasant work environment full of well-being, where people are the first and most important criterion in every decision. We are proud of what our employees say. Discover why we are a great place to work:


A culture that prioritizes people

DreamCode is a company that takes care of its employees. As part of its essence, it has always had a genuine interest in the well-being of its team. People are the most valuable and determining factor to do things with purpose and perspective towards the future. 98% of our employees say they receive good treatment, regardless of their position within the organization. Likewise, 95% affirm that we are a psychologically and emotionally healthy place to work. ”I feel like they really care about the staff. They are detail-oriented, and on the occasions when we share in person, the treatment is very personal and special.” ”It is a company that cares about the emotional well-being of everyone, making their stay and their passage through it comfortable, no matter what position they hold.”


Working at DreamCode is a source of pride

Being part of a company that allows growth, recognizes the effort and work of people, a place where the dreams of its employees have importance, is a significant reason to feel proud. This represents satisfaction and reflects a special connection between the organization and its members. Therefore, we highlight that 97% of our DreamCoders affirm feeling proud when they say they work here, and they would recommend us with conviction to their friends and family. ”It is a company where the human factor is very evident, a place where working becomes enjoyable, where they recognize your work and value it deeply. It has been the best company I have worked for, I have not known places like this to grow professionally and personally.” ”At DreamCode, they give you the opportunity to propose and execute your work at the highest level you can. They do not limit you; they encourage you!”.


Recognizing the talent of our team

Recognizing the effort and work that DreamCoders do is a fundamental part of the organizational culture. It is evident that by exalting and valuing good work, the team is undoubtedly motivated to continue doing things well and inspired in everything they can achieve with their talent. That is why 93% of our employees say that their good work and additional efforts are recognized. ”This company has been one of the best I have been in because they recognize the effort of the work done day by day with the client.”


Human and approachable leadership

In DreamCode, the key to leadership is having a close relationship with people, a leadership based on mutual trust with the team. Our leaders transmit the necessary security for their teams to be autonomous, express a special interest in people and their development within the company. For DreamCode, trust is strengthened when employees perceive that their leaders are accessible, encourage, consider, and respond with interest to their suggestions and ideas, and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to receive special recognition. That is why 91% of DreamCoders agree that their leaders are accessible and easy to talk to. Likewise, 95% say that their leaders trust that they can do a good job without having to supervise them continuously. Finally, 93% affirm that their leaders show sincere interest in them as people.


A great working environment

At DreamCode, our employees find a working environment that promotes their overall well-being, a space where they have a balance between their personal and professional lives. The organization always seeks to offer an environment where everyone feels comfortable, a satisfying and human work experience. That's why we highlight that 94% of our employees say they have special and unique benefits at DreamCode, while 92% say they are encouraged to balance their professional and personal lives here. ”Excellent atmosphere and benefits for employees, which always maintain the motivation of the work teams at a high level.” ”The work environment allows one to perform at work without neglecting family, personal development, and relationships with others”.


Collaboration and team

Our human talent relates and works under a collaborative culture, everyone contributes their ideas and builds towards a higher goal. We proudly highlight the skills of our employees, their commitment to fulfilling our clients' dreams, and their willingness to face different challenges. That's why 97% of DreamCoders say that they can rely on others' collaboration and feel proud when they see what they achieve as a team. ”If an employee has obstacles, they can seek help from their colleagues, and if the problem is at a higher level, they can always talk to the bosses and reach a solution.” ”It is very motivating that we participate in important projects for recognized companies. We have clients with a high level of demand who support us in achieving goals and project success”.